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Call of Cthulhu for the experienced

Posted on Aug 22, 2012 in Channel 2

Marcelo receives RPPR’s very own Ross Payton, Tom Church, and Caleb Stokes to ask questions about what an experienced Game Master should be aware of if he or she decides to start running Chaosium’s masterpiece, Call of Cthulhu.

[06:17] How they met Cthulhu . . . and survived.
[09:57] The unique horror of Call of Cthulhu.
[24:24] The internal workings of the game.
[34:46] Keepers should be aware of . . .
[42:00] Gung ho is a big no-no.
[45:46] Basic Role-Playing.
[48:35] Cross-polinization.
[60:29] Wrapping up.


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Caleb’s Hebanon Games (download his book!)

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