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Rewarding role-play

Posted on Apr 29, 2010 in Channel 2

In this very special episode of VTT (Vozes da Terceira Terra, Portuguese for “Voices of the Third Earth”), Marcelo and Ivar get together with Artemis and Paul (and a Mike cameo) from The Bear Swarm! Podcast ( to talk about rewards and role-play: should the GM reward role-playing from the players or should he/she not?

[06:35] Qualifying “reward”.
[14:15] The rewardless approach.
[24:20] Loquacious people.
[27:25] How to reward and don’t punish.
[31:45] The downside of no role-playing.
[36:45] Vozes de Fundo: Pride & Prejudice.

Our soundtrack is courtesy of the artist Marcos Kleine. To have more of him, visit his website



  1. Already and properly commented on the Forum (or at, or in – I hate prepositions).

  2. Can you put a subtitle, please? XD

    My english listening ability is so poor!

  3. listeners are following the cue and commenting in English too … hehehe … I'm doing my part, I hope the guests read it at least …

  4. Ok! i commented there… (is right "i commented there…" ? uhauheuaheuhaue)

  5. Why everybody is comment in english? LOL
    I'll try listen it,my english is not very well…
    Could you put a translate (like in "Entrevista com Paul Tevis") to No – English – Speakers.

  6. It'd be too much work, guys. Sorry, but it won't happen.

  7. Gente, eu ouvi o podcast, legal e tudo… Mas, o site é brasileiro, assim como nós. Qual seria o motivo pra estarmos falando como gringos????

    • O mesmo motivo que te leva a escolher um nick como "drivetest", sendo brasileiro. Preferência pessoal 🙂

  8. Uh… Yeah… So, everybody speaking english for what?

    I liked the podcast, I have the same opinion as Marcelo. I mean, if there are social skills, its because they are SUPOSED to be used.

    On the other side, I usually give a few XP extra for the player that rolleplay his character in a fun and "true" way.

  9. E é engraçado, definitivamente! auehuaheuahuhaeaea…

  10. Eu não quero aprender inglês coim o Marcelo não!

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