Kicking off Jackercon 2016, the most wacky crew of the Enterprise has ever had is called to Khitomer to settle a dispute… and promptly makes things worse. Oh, and lots and lots of Star Trek Shakespeare. Enjoy!

System: FATE Core

Jason Morgan as the Game Master

Curt Jackson as Capt. A’lbanev of House Pasadena (Klingon C.O.)

Marcelo Duarte Ferrari as Lt. Ryndall Vaf (Bolian weapons engineer)

Myria Robinson as Lt. Talla Gago (Orion flight controller)

Adam Goldberg as Cmd. Eddie Whittaker, M.D. (Human medical officer)

This game was played over Google Hangouts on Jun 23, 2016 and used Roll20.

The Star Trek theme was performed by the Brazilian musician Marcos Kleine and used under permission by the artist.

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